My Diet is driving me CRAZY!

STORIES AND INSIGHTS OF COURAGE AND HUMOR - Instant emotional support for your diet


My Diet Is Driving Me CRAZY!

Stories and insights 
of courage and humor

With Stories that provide immediate – even emergency -- diet help, and Insights specially written to produce lasting body change, this series of books offers a unique, ALL-NEW resource to support your diet with humor, courage and Self-Help.  My Diet Is Driving Me Crazy! also includes Emergency Diet Support.  Food temptation is one of the strongest of desires, and this new resource uses emotion as the strongest way to overcome it.

Instant emotional support for
your diet

Not a diet or eating program.

Only a few foods are mentioned.

Helps your diet without interfering with it.

The Stories use gentle humor and can be read in as little as one minute or less.

Instead of a lecturing tone, these books give the happy feeling of “being right” about your diet.

Each story character is separate, could be male or female, and speak in First Person, or “I” voice.

Rather than the term “lose” weight, the word shed is used because it is active, assertive, and empowering.


Designed for repeated reading.

 Further Volumes and audio versions are planned.

Use My Diet Is Driving Me Crazy! for emotional support – and emergency help -- for the most important diet of all – YOURS!

The content of “My Diet Is Driving Me Crazy!” does not constitute professional or medical care and should not be considered a substitute for such services.  If you think you have a psychiatric or medical condition related to the theme of this book, please consult a licensed professional.          Do not use “My Diet Is Driving Me Crazy!” to greatly speed dieting results, or to support a no-eating program or “crash” diet.