The ten lighthearted, half-page Stories in each Volume provide immediate, even emergency, diet support. You feel the emotions of a dieter, usually when being humorously tempted by food, and you are there as they find the courage to overcome that temptation and WIN. You get the feeling of winning and the afterglow of success to empower your own “daily diet battle.”

A sample story follows:


SO, HERE I AM, AT THE SUPERMARKET again, and undergoing another food crisis, while surprising myself as I return a bag of candy to the shelf, and it seems to cry out loud to me, and I think: is this me, putting candy back, but yes it is, and I push my cart towards the front of the store, smiling with food pride,    

BUT THE CHECKOUT LANE’S right side is lined with candy bars, and my hand starts to go out again, but then I remind myself that I just had a major food success and that now I can absolutely resist temptation -- sure I can -- and I lower my hand and turn away from the candy bars,  

BUT TO MY LEFT, a tabloid headline screams about an abduction by space aliens and in some alarm, I turn back to the leering wall of candy bars and if they put these tempting foods here to tempt me, it is certainly working, because my guilty mind volunteers that if a candy bar is only one-tenth the size of the large bag I just returned to the shelf, then I can probably handle one-tenth of the guilt,    

AND AS MY HAND GOES OUT AGAIN, I undergo an assault worthy of an alien abduction,   

  BUT FINALLY THESE FEELINGS PASS, and even with other people watching, I return the candy bar to its shelf, then push my cart forward, feeling both embarrassed and triumphant at the same time,    

AND A MINUTE LATER, I can hardly believe this is me, smiling with the store clerk as my sensible food purchases are loaded into a bag and then I walk proudly out of the store, and my shopping bag feels light and gives off a new feeling of success, and I think, was this me who resisted the leering “wall of temptation” twice, but it was me, yes it was, yes it is.


This Story, and most others, can be used for immediate diet help.  
A subject index is provided in this website  


Food temptation is one of the strongest of desires, and this new resource uses emotion as the strongest way to overcome it.

Makes ANY Diet Easier

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